Lucie Rohlíková, rohlikova@gmail.com

    In last 15 years I am lecturing authors of online courses and I find interesting that when they contemplate about making an online course, they usually think in "text and test" paradigm. Sometimes they think of adding pictures and videos. Just a few go deeper and considers interactive elements that makes the course lively and attractive.

    And this is why I wish to promote suggestions that I use in my authoring on daily basis. By this, I hope, I could inspire other authors as well.

    When I design courses I am considering constructivist approach in every part of the course. I lead students to reflections, I am not serving information, I facilitate discovering.

    First, you can see example of the course about e-learning. I don´t explain terminology, first I make students think about the terms and write definition. After their own reflection, they can check model answer.

    • In my presentation I will speak about interactivity not on the level of the study plan of the course, but on the level of the study text. I will demonstrate now some tips for learning activisation using small HTML elements in Moodle.

      How to put interactivity elements directly to the text? How to activate learners in every second of the learning process?